When is the best time to travel this summer?

PITTSBURGH, PA (WTRF) – So you’re not working, the kids aren’t in school…when is the best time to plan your summer vacation?

Well, the good news is that we’ve probably already gone through the worst part of the tourist hustle and bustle.

Pittsburgh International Airport says it expects 145,000 people to pass through its gates between last week and July 5.

Right now we will see the busiest flights, so if you have not yet planned a vacation, you will probably have less competition for plane tickets.

Summer in general, the summer season is the busiest for the aviation industry, especially the holidays. You get a lot before school starts in August, people take the last half of the summer before school resumes, but July 4th is definitely the peak time.

Matt Neustein, Communications Manager, Pittsburgh International Airport

As for what day of the week to leave, Neustein says Friday and Saturday are the busiest for departures, while Sunday and Monday are the worst for arrivals.

You can expect things to be slower in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day.

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