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DALLAS, July 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — What happens when a professional cyclist experiences some pain points as a traveling athlete? Will he give up his passion for sports travel or come up with a solution? Faced with the challenges of not having the right equipment, not having access to the local community, or not knowing the best routes, Mario Vogt founded Sportssharing-Network and, with Zapbuild’s technical support, began his entrepreneurial journey.

Mario Vogt has been a professional cyclist for many years and has experienced some pain points as a touring athlete. Then he bought a house in Spain, equipped it with everything necessary for cyclists and rented it out to them. It was very successful, but not scalable. This understanding led to the idea of ​​a platform for sports facilities. And so Sportssharing-Network was born to make cycling holidays easy and hassle-free. The platform covers customers in all aspects. Mario was able to do this with the support of his tech partner Zapbuild.

“Zapbuild did an excellent and timely job of building the website, which is definitely critical to the success of a platform like this. Their experience in web application development and their deep understanding of the sports community and its challenges have resulted in an impressive user experience. We have high hopes for their team in the future. At the moment, the first users have already been registered, and some placement and training groups have already been uploaded. ”

Sumit Soni, CEO of Zapbuild and a sports and fitness enthusiast himself, believes that sports startups have a great future because this topic is part of people’s passion. “Health, wellness and sport are central to everyone’s life. Simply because the world has realized that a good life is impossible without good health. Since sports attract people to self-fulfillment and enthusiasm, we have developed the Sportssharing-Network platform with these aspects in mind. Our team did intensive brainstorming with Mario to understand the niche characteristics of the platform and the preferences of its users when developing it.

In the future, Sportssharing-Network will become the preferred and leading platform and marketplace for everything related to sports, including accommodation, connections with local residents, equipment rental, training, event registration, etc. Moreover, in many sports, as well as not only in cycling in its current form. Mario elaborated on this:

“The biggest challenge ahead is to get the attention of users to participate in the platform. Right now we are facing a simple chicken and egg problem. Users will only become interested in registering if there are enough offers, but, on the other hand, homeowners will only register their accommodation if they feel that they will attract more potential customers in this way. The goal is to solve this problem by providing more value in the exchange of local learning…


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